this blog is in no way affilliated with
dude your blog has gone to absoloute shit


I apologise, but I’ve been busy with school and life. Also running a Sherlock blog is quite taxing when the only messages you receive are variations of “JOHN, ADMIT THAT YOU’RE GAY, YOU LOVE SHERLOCK” and “SHERLOCK, I’M STALKING YOU.”

(read: I’m much too tired of the repetitive and mindless anon messages I receive through here and too busy with school to think much about it anyway.)

However I will be on summer holiday in just a few short weeks, and I’d love to think of some sort of new plot-line to follow through with here. I’ll have to think of something, but I’ll have time. It was never my intention to simply abandon this blog. Not all messages were mindless and it was fun to interact with others as the Baker St duo. I’m looking forward to starting up again. 

Sorry for disappointing you all in the meantime.